1st December 2020

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How Much Is Plastic Surgery In South Africa?

Cosmetic surgical treatment has taken off in South Africa. The most recent development is that patients take trips to the country for aesthetic cosmetic surgeries, due to the low prices of plastic surgery in South Africa.

Medical tourists have actually come to be a preferred trend in the last ten years. The factor most influencing this popularity has to do mostly with exchange rates. It is obvious that health and wellness treatment rates in the USA and elsewhere are truly outrageous. When it comes to cosmetic surgery, this  is much more substantial considering the reality that medical insurance normally does not foot the bill for these treatments.

Cosmetic Surgery South Africa Prices – The Facts

One way to beat the very high prices around the world is to take a trip to a country where the exact same treatments are offered at a less expensive price. The plastic surgery costs in South Africa that are offered by the top plastic surgeons in South Africa are often significantly lower then in other countries.

plastic surgeons south africaThe rate difference is generally not an indication of the quality of clinical treatment provided. Rather, the rate often relates to the difference in currency exchange prices and the simple reality that health and wellness care rates are generally less in the country in question. Popular locations for medical tourism feature India, Thailand and Costa Rica among others – but South Africa is definitely on the map too!

In the plastic surgery area, South Africa has broken onto the scene as a medical tourism location. In this case, we are referring particularly to the Cape Community located around the picturesque city of Cape Town. Patient numbers or people traveling to the city for cosmetic surgery have increased rapidly in the past few years. The primary catalyst for this trend seems to be the pricing of the procedures. Popular cosmetic surgery procedures in South Africa include tummy tucks, facelifts and breast implants.

How Much Does A Tummy Tuck Usually Cost?

Tummy tuck prices in South Africa can vary a lot depending on the exact surgical procedure you choose. There can be a South Africa plastic surgerysubstantial difference between a tummy tuck cost and a mini tummy tuck cost in South Africa. There are also many other surgeries you can choose from, such as gynecomastia surgery or a blepharoplasty, and if you are so inclined you can even get buttock implants in South Africa. And of course there is also the more expensive cost of a facelift or a mini facelift in South Africa.

The South African Rand has significantly less market value compared to the US Dollar or Euro. It is also a well known fact that healthcare prices in South Africa are normally a lot less anyway, so aesthetic procedures are often as much as 60% less than in the USA or Europe. Add a safari into the mix and you end up having a rather attractive package deal.

How Much Does A Breast Reduction Cost In South Africa?

boob job South AfricaHow much is a boob job in South Africa? If you are searching for breast enhancement in South Africa then there are many procedures you can choose from. Breast augmentation and breast surgery prices in South Africa can vary a lot too. Breast reduction in South Africa is not as popular as a breast lift or a breast implant but they are all classified as a boob job in South Africa. Breast enlargement surgery is extremely popular though and the cost of breast implants in South Africa can vary depending on the type of implant you choose.

Similar to any other sort of surgical procedure, cosmetic surgical procedures also carry some integral risks. This raises the concern of quality in regard to plastic surgeons and plastic surgery centers in South Africa. As a whole, cosmetic surgeons in South Africa are considered to be highly qualified and very competent.  That being said, you must execute your due diligence before deciding to opt for cosmetic surgery in South Africa.

Clearly, South Africa has now arrived on the medical tourism list of plastic surgery locations. Whether it ends up being as popular as other developing countries remains to be to be seen.


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